World processes have been simplified; it’s all about data and the internet, the world in your pocket and being able to function on the move and entirely from any location on the globe; and IP (Intellectual Property) has not been left out. The complex processes for filing, translating, drafting and appealing are being simplified and made more easily accessible and this is exactly what we have chosen to implement with the Pat-Roll PCT Entries tool.

PAT-ROLL is a Time and Cost Saving online platform for the entry of PCT Applications to the national and regional phase which significantly reduces the administrative process, making the PCT Application procedure easier and more straightforward for applicants and agents alike.

Patent Attorneys of Pat-Roll provide filing and prosecution for PCT entries, including patent translations, drafting responses to office actions, and appealing decisions of the examination.

The Pat-Roll platform is for Patent Attorneys, IP firms, in-house IP counsels, IP service providers, and translation agencies who care about high-quality patent services and fair budgets for patent holders.

We are not “a network of professionals” who are intermediaries in the process; our agents are patent attorneys who process these entries directly, providing you a personalized service but at an accelerated pace.

PAT-ROLL is highly user-friendly, swift, and provides access to cutting-edge service and technology without breaking the bank.

Agents – Our agents are screened and monitored regularly to ensure that our clients are getting the best value for their money and their time. They have been hand-picked and specifically chosen from the best IP firms around the world to ensure that we maintain the standard top-quality service in representing our clients before the various Patent Offices and ensuring adequate protection of their inventions.

Benefits for Applicants:

  • Real-time and accurate calculations.
  • Online access to your PCT records for you/your agents/your clients.
  • Choose and filter agents by price, or through our Country Guide for region or Continent.
  • Process your PCT Entries National & Regional Phasethrough one platform.
  • Ability to communicate directly with agents and decide which to work with.
  • Receive timely and up to date alerts on 30 or 31 month deadlines.
  • More control on cost and processes.
  • No extra support needed.

Benefits for Agents:

  • Ability to post your profile and more visibility for access to clients from all over the world.
  • Automated orders, therefore less expenses on marketing or publicity.
  • Cost effective service.
  • Direct correspondence with clientele.
  • No intermediaries in the process, therefore time-saving.

We look forward to your feedback on the use of Pat-Roll. Click here to contact us for more information.

Thank you for using PAT-ROLL!