PAT-ROLL is a platform for entries of PCT applications into the national phases of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries and the regional phase to EAPO, managed by IPR GROUP.

We provide filing and prosecution for PCT entries, including patent translations, drafting responses to office actions, and appeal decisions of the examination.

The Pat-Roll platform is for Patent Attorneys, IP firms, in-house IP counsels, IP service providers, and translation agencies who care about high-quality patent services and fair budgets for applicants and patent holders.

We are not “a network of professionals” who are intermediaries in the process; we are patent attorneys who process these entries directly, providing you a personalized service but at an accelerated pace.

PAT-ROLL is highly user-friendly, swift, and provides access to cutting-edge service and technology without breaking the bank.

Thank you for using PAT-ROLL!